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Non-DOT/DOT Training for Employers, Employees, and DERs

We have partnered with Visify to offer a variety of additional training programs at affordable prices.   Programs are available for DOT & Non-DOT employers.  For your convenience, these programs are web-based and conducted at your own pace. These courses are a great way to easily facilitate training for supervisors, DERs (designated employer representatives), and employees.

Register for any of the following courses! (Click on the Courses tab to preview or register/purchase any of the following courses)

DER/Designated Employer Representative Training for DOT/Federally Regulated Companies

A guide to DOT drug testing compliance for program managers, human resources, Safety and Risk Management Professionals.
Course Length: Self-Paced

Supervisors: Reasonable Suspicion Training for DOT/Federally-Regulated Employers
Identify warning signs. Follow the protocols. Maintain compliance with federal guidelines.
Course Length: 120 minutes

Supervisors: Reasonable Suspicion Training for Non-DOT Employers
This comprehensive and concise course provides practical tools for reasonable suspicion intervention.
Course Length: 25 minutes

Employees: Drug and Alcohol Awareness for DOT Employees
Everything your employees need to know about DOT testing. Ideal for pre-employment and a great annual review.
Course Length: 30-60 minutes (variable by agency)

Employees: Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Build a drug-free culture with substance abuse education for employees. Great as an introduction to your drug free workplace program—make it a requirement for all new employees and annually for existing employees!
Course Length: 30 minutes