Choose from Our Paternity Testing Options

Our DNA paternity testing process is completely confidential and accurate (all results come from fully certified, accredited laboratories) and we offer quick turnaround (most tests just take a few days from time of collection). We have a DNA test to help you find out the truth, regardless of your situation or location. We offer DNA testing all over the US, so regardless of whether you are geographically close, or across the country, we can facilitate testing nearby, throughout a large network of collections sites.

Standard paternity testing (to determine if a specific male is the father of a specific child) is a simple process involving a cheek swab (called a buccal swab) to gather cheek cells. This involves a Q-Tip type device and is non-invasive and completely painless (some clients say it actually tickles!). DNA samples are only needed from the child and alleged father but the mother’s DNA can be included if requested. We offer peace of mind/personal use and court/legal testing options.

Peace of mind/personal use test results CANNOT be converted to a legal test at a later date and CANNOT be used for court purposes. This is because peace of mind testing does not require an independent third party collector, no proof of ID is required, and the test results are not notarized. Courts will not accept results of this nature so it is important that prior to testing you decide the reason for the test to ensure the correct test is performed.

Legal/court use testing is available if you need results for legal or court purposes. Each adult tested must show at least one government issued photo ID; additionally, fingerprints and photographs are taken at the time of collection. A qualified collector must collect the samples and maintain a chain of custody of the samples. The appropriate person must also sign the paperwork giving us permission to collect the DNA sample from a minor child. A legal test can be performed for anyone as long as all of the parties are willing participants – no court order is required in this case. If one of the parties is unwilling to voluntarily submit a DNA sample and complete the necessary paperwork, a court order may be necessary. Legal test results are notarized and acceptable for use in most courts (i.e. custody, child support, estate purposes, etc…)

Whether peace of mind or legal, results are typically provided in just a few days. Results will never be released over the phone or to anyone not identified by the tested parties on the results release form (without a court order). (NOTE: Mothers of tested children are entitled to test results for their minor children upon request.)

Paternity Testing When One of the Parties Is Incarcerated

Even if one of the parties is incarcerated, we can facilitate testing. A signed letter from the inmate is typically all that is necessary. Contact us about your specific situation.

Paternity Testing for a Deceased Party

If the alleged father or the child is deceased, we can often obtain a DNA reference specimen such as a blood spot card to complete paternity testing. If such a reference specimen is not available, there may be other testing options – contact us about your specific situation.

Pre-Natal Paternity Testing

NEW, UPDATED pre-natal paternity testing! Thanks to a new lab contract, we now offer SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED PRICING and different testing options based on your situation! Testing via blood draw is the safest method for pre-natal paternity tests. A small amount of blood is drawn from the mother. The baby’s DNA is separated from the mother’s DNA at the lab, which is then compared to the DNA sample taken from the alleged father (the alleged father provides only a cheek swab). Testing can be done as early as 5 weeks into the pregnancy (most places require 9 weeks), and testing is available for both personal use/peace of mind OR legal/court use. Additionally, testing can be done even if the mother is expecting twins or multiples (most places can not do testing when multiples are involved). The best part is we have been able to reduce our prices AND pricing is tiered so you can choose an option to make it easier for you financially. While it is still less expensive to do testing after the baby is born, our new pricing structure for pre-natal testing is more affordable than ever before so if you need pre-natal testing, we can assist you with this (even if parties are located in different parts of the US).