Individual and In-Home Drug Testing

Are you concerned that your child or another family member might be using drugs? MidWest DNA & Drug Testing, Inc. can provide home drug testing supplies for parents to use within the comfort and privacy of their own home to determine whether drug use is taking place. Additionally, a professional collector is available if you prefer to come to our office for testing. We can also perform wipe and spray testing to determine if invisible drug residue exists on items like game systems, car interiors, computer key boards, cell phones, etc. Although this specific type of testing will not pinpoint the user of the substance detected, it is helpful to know the substances are present. Oftentimes friends may be the way your loved ones are introduced to drugs so determining if someone has been in contact with drugs in your home is beneficial.

There are a wide variety of tests available and they each serve different needs—call us to determine what the appropriate test is for your situation.