Your Drug Testing Options in Springfield, IL and Nationwide

Workplace Drug Testing

Business owners are losing over $100 billion per year due to substance abuse in the workplace. We can help you create a turnkey drug-free workplace program and provide you with laboratory or instant testing. We can also facilitate testing all over the US through our large network of collection sites, so whether you are located near us in Springfield, IL or elsewhere in the US, we can help!

Our comprehensive drug-free workplace program includes the following:

  • A written drug-free workplace policy
  • Employee education materials & program
  • Supervisor training
  • Employee assistance program or employee referral
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • And more

Benefits of a drug-free workplace:

  • Increased productivity
  • Higher caliber applicant pool
  • Reduced turnover
  • Reduced tardiness and absenteeism
  • Reduced health insurance costs
  • Safer work environment, lower liability, and lower workers compensation costs

Let us customize a testing program for you!

Urine Testing

We have contracts with all of the major laboratories and can conduct testing for one substance or thousands, including specialty and synthetic substances. If you want results fast, rapid/instant testing is available and we can provide a negative result the same day! Non-negative results are available 24-72 hours from receipt by the lab and/or medical review officer (non-negative specimens are forwarded to the laboratory for additional analysis). We offer rapid testing up to 12 drugs.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

This is a great option for an employer or parent wanting to determine historic drug use going back further than a few hours or days. Hair Follicle Testing for drugs is a great way to get an in depth assessment of up to 90 days (per 1.5″ of hair). Hair testing utilizing body hair is also available (at no additional charge in most cases) and extends the detection window even further (reported detection window is up to approximately one year for body hair).

Simple specimen collection (hair is cut, not pulled!) with highly accurate results are provided quickly and meet the same reference standards as urine. In addition, there are no known methods for sample adulteration (hair washing will not dilute the sample). Because specimen collection can be directly observed, the risk of adulteration is even further reduced. Hair testing is also forensically defensible in most courts of law.

When compared with urine specimen testing, hair testing provides up to 2.5 times the number of positives and a longer detection window. Hair testing commonly tests for Amphetamines (including Ecstasy), Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP). We also offer hair testing for additional substances so contact us for more information.

Specialty Testing

We offer a wide variety of testing and we can accommodate whatever need you may have. Some of the specialty tests we offer are listed here; however, if you are interested in a test not listed on our website, please contact us.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing can be done utilizing a variety of specimens (breath, urine, saliva, etc.) and depending on what information and detection window you require we can identify the test for you. We offer federally regulated alcohol testing, urine alcohol testing, ETG testing, among others.

Nail Testing

We offer a variety of testing options, including finger and toenail testing. If hair is not available, nails are a viable option to obtain a long detection window. Contact us for more information.

Synthetic Substance Testing

We can test for a variety of synthetic substances, such as synthetic marijuana, bath salts, etc. These are not included on more common panels, so please contact us if you require this specialty testing.

Steroid Testing

MidWest DNA & Drug Testing, Inc. offers a comprehensive and very affordable steroid panel. Steroid testing is ideal for sports organizations, colleges and high schools, corrections institutions, and law enforcement agencies.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive detection of a full list of prescription and rogenic anabolic steroids, pro-hormones, designer anabolic steroids, essential masking, and anti-estrogen agents
  • All laboratory tests are performed on state of the art GC/MS equipment
  • Fast turn-around time from time of receipt (48 hours negative, 72 hours positive)
  • Affordable, competitive pricing

This test is comparable to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) tests.

In Home Testing

Are you concerned that your child might be using drugs? MidWest DNA & Drug Testing, Inc. can provide home drug testing supplies for parents to use within the comfort and privacy of their own home to determine whether their children may be using drugs.

Drug Detection Assessments

Forensic-grade “wipe and spray” technology allows us to detect drug residue on many types of surfaces. When an individual has used or handled illegal drugs, traces can be transferred to surfaces by their hands and remain in place up to 18 months (unless it has been cleaned with disinfectant).

Likely surfaces where drug residues can be found in your work or home environment are counters, keyboards, machinery, registers, vehicles, game systems, computers, and more. We assess the presence and type of drugs detected, and then work with you to determine your options. We can implement an individual testing program, establish employee policies, and schedule recurring assessments to make sure your business or family stays drug-free.