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  • Who’s Your Daddy?

    DNA Testing — Fast, reliable results from certified, accredited labs. accredited labs. Standard Paternity, Pre-natal Paternity, siblingship, grandparentage, etc. Call us for confidential & reliable results.

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  • Trouble-Free Training

    Federal Drug & Alcohol testing, DOT/Non-DOT Company DERs, Supervisors, Employers, and Employee Courses – We offer it all!

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  • Do You Have an Extra $15k?

    Some estimate businesses may lose as much as $15K per year, per employee that casually use drugs on weekends. Let us help you prevent this by creating a Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Program.

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  • Candidate or Convict?

    Rely on our background check system to make sure you can trust who you hire. We can run a wide variety of background checks to make sure you hire the best & the brightest.

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DNA Testing

Our exceptional staff & accredited labs will obtain accurate results for your familial relationship test. Whether for peace of mind/personal use or legal/court use, we'll help you get to the truth so you have the answers you need.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

We provide professional DOT & Non-DOT drug & alcohol testing for work or personal matters. Emergency/after hours/on-site testing is also available for your convenience.

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Background Checks

One wrong hire can mean disaster for your organization. Know beforehand who you can trust and run a thorough background check – hire only the cream of the crop!

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Our DNA and Drug Testing Services

MidWest DNA & Drug Testing, Inc. is based in Illinois but offers nationwide services. These services include:

  • Drug and alcohol testing (both regulated and non-regulated)
  • DNA & paternity testing services
  • Background checks
  • Training services

Courteous Collectors, Professional Protocols, and Reliable Results!

Whether you are an employer or private individual, geographically near us, or located throughout the country, we can help! We offer nation-wide service through a large network of collection sites. Unlike other facilities, all of our collectors are qualified to perform DOT/federal drug and alcohol testing and strict protocols are followed for every collection to assure quality service and reliable results. In addition, we provide courteous, non-judgmental interaction with all clients. Whether the donor is being tested for reasonable cause or random purposes, everyone is treated with respect and professionalism.

Call or email us today to find out more about your options.